Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean-a-Carpet have been providing carpet cleaning services to the South East for over 30 years. Originally working across the South Coast, Clean-a-Carpet has grown from a local family run business to one of the South East’s leading carpet cleaning services.

For many people, the exercise of carpeting the home has always represented a significant expenditure, with costs often reaching many thousands of pounds.

Of course, it is not necessary to purchase carpets costing £50.00 or more per metre; there are many different types of carpet available to suit all budgets. However, even when purchasing a less expensive carpet, the reality is that whilst the carpet may be cheaper, the exercise of carpeting the home will still be a costly undertaking.

By their very nature, all carpets get dirty at some time; soiling such as spills and stains are obvious, but it is what cannot be seen which really affects the life of the carpet. Dust and dirt will be present in every carpet, most notably in the so-called ‘traffic lanes’ through doorways and around beds, and also in front of furniture, where the dirt and dust gets ground in to the carpet. As it builds up, the dust and dirt will begin to wear away at the fibres, in the same way as fine sandpaper would do. Eventually, the fibres will become fragile and begin to break off, resulting in ever-increasing amounts of carpet fluff collecting when you vacuum, and the gradual appearance of threadbare patches on the carpet.

It would therefore make sense to protect your investment, and keeping your carpets clean is one of the best ways to do this.

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Carpet Cleaning Services
Lounge Small 15x12 feet
£20ex VAT
Lounge Medium 18xs14 feet
£30ex VAT
Through Lounge
£40ex VAT
Bedroom Single 12x12 feet
£15ex VAT
Bedroom Double 18x12 feet
£20ex VAT
Hall, Stairs & Landing, Up to 14 steps
£30ex VAT
Extra Flight of Stairs
£20ex VAT
Dining Room Small 13x12 feet
£17ex VAT
Dining Room Medium 15x12 feet
£20ex VAT


2 Bedroom House

Lounge, hall, stairs & landing and 2 bedrooms


3 Bedroom House

Lounge, hall, stairs & landing and 3 bedrooms


3 Piece Suite

2 seater sofa plus 2 single chairs


Min cleaning charge is £45 + vat