Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Weybridge including the Surrounding Towns & Areas

Clean-a-Carpet Ltd – Our dedication to providing professional carpet cleaning services extends to a range of businesses and commercial enterprises throughout the Weybridge area.

Clean-a-Carpets have cleaned the carpets for an assortment of organisations that include:

Schools, Colleges & Universities
Care Homes & Nursing Homes
Pubs, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants
Local Councils

We can provide an extra service for nursing homes and hospitals that include an anti-bacterial spray that kills dangerous viruses and bugs , common in these environments. For more information about the viruses and bugs that our sanitisers can kill, click the following link for more information.

To find out more about what we can do for your organisation, why not book a free inspection? We can provide a no obligation quote as well as determine the condition of your carpets and analyse what treatments are needed.

Specialist Chemicals

Our anti-static spray can be used for offices, where a build-up of static after the carpets have been cleaned can cause damage to computers and servers. Our spray is designed to reduce this static build-up to protect your important machines.

For office carpet cleaning, static can build up after cleaning, which can be dangerous for computers and servers. To prevent this, we use an anti-static spray that can reduce this, keeping your important documents safe.

Health & Safety

Clean-a-Carpets are also fully insured, fully accredited for Health and Safety and are supported by the Federation of Small Businesses, Check-a-Trade and the National Carpet Cleaners Association, so you are guaranteed complete professionalism.

Health & Safety Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Environmental Policy
Ethical Trading
Equal Opportunities
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