5 of the Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for better results when cleaning your carpets? Here is some top advice for you. With all of the below it is a good idea to test on a discreet area of your carpet before diving in and doing a large area.

Remove stains with ironing
Your electric iron isn’t only for getting those wrinkles out of your clothes. You can also use it to tackle carpet stains. To use the iron, first of all vacuum the affected area to get rid of all particles. Then dampen the area using a towel soaked with a vinegar solution, made of one part vinegar and 3 parts water.  Put the moist towel over the area and run your iron over it to heat up the area. The work of the solution coupled with the heat will absorb the stain. Stop ironing when you are satisfied with the results.  The larger and deeper the stain, the longer you will have to iron.

Infuse your carpet with a fresher smell
Are you always in search of ways to improve the smell of your carpet?  Get a 16 ounce box of baking soda and mix it with 20 drops of any essential oil of your choice.  Mix the preparation thoroughly to ensure the oils are properly absorbed. Store it in a glass container. Shake some of the perfumed baking soda on your carpet any time you think it needs a freshen, then vacuum for a blissfully fragranced carpet. For the best results, the Essential Oil should be lavender or wild orange.

Use homemade deep green cleaner
Deep cleaning your carpets is important, as it is a sure way to get rid of dust mites and other allergens. However, you don’t have to use the liquid chemicals commonly found in the home. You can make a non-toxic deep cleaner by combining ¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener and 5 drops of essential oil. Mix in hot but do not boil. This is a cheaper and safer alternative to use in your carpet cleaning machine than most of the costly options found in stores.

Fluff your carpets regularly
Fluffing your carpet regularly ensures it will retain its visual and tactile appeal. To do this, spray the hardened and stained area with a cleaning solution of vinegar and water mixed equally. Leave the solution for a while then blot up the stain. Now run a spoon along the carpeting to fluff up the fibres and encourage them to stand again.
A second technique for fluffing involves allowing some ice to melt on a dented area in your carpet. Blot up the excess water when the water has dissolved completely using a towel. Then place the wet towel over the area and use your electric iron on the towel. Make sure the iron is on its cotton setting. Stop ironing when the fibres feel almost dry and allow the carpet to air dry from there. Use your hands to fluff up the affected area. This second technique is used mostly for carpet dents caused by furniture.

Apply the right dose of patience
Carpets come with different fabric density and are made of different materials, so it will take longer for certain carpet types to give up their stains. For instance, plush carpets can be cleaned faster than low-pile looped carpets.  You will always need to put in more effort to cleaning the latter than the former. Remain patient during the cleaning process and you are going to achieve good results.

By following some or all of these tips you will have your carpets looking better than you expected. Carpet cleaning can actually be fun if you are getting great results!