Tackling Carpet Moths

Tackling Carpet Moths & Pests

No-one likes the thought of having any kind of pests like carpet moths in their home. This is particularly true if the pests could actually cause damage to the property and your things inside it.

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How to clean and care for your wool carpet

Clean and care for your wool carpet

Wool carpets are beautiful and there is a good chance that you will want to make sure that it looks
its best for as long as possible. To help you with this, Clean-a-Carpet have put together our guide on how to clean and
care for your wool carpet. Making sure that it looks as perfect as possible!

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Why use a local carpet cleaning business?

Your local carpet cleaning business

Here at Clean-a-Carpet we are proud to offer our service throughout Guildford, Portsmouth and Southampton. We believe that being a local carpet cleaning business gives us the edge over some of the more nationwide companies. But why?

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Top tips for marble and stone cleaning

Marble and Stone Cleaning

Whilst marble or stone floors look beautiful, you can find that their sparkle and shine will fade over time. After investing so much money in these amazing floors, you will want to make sure that they look great for a number of years.

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5 of the Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for better results when cleaning your carpets? Here is some top advice for you. With all of the below it is a good idea to test on a discreet area of your carpet before diving in and doing a large area.

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