Clean-A-Carpet Limited have been servicing the needs of the business community for more than twenty years, during which time we have been fortunate enough to forge an enduring working relationship with a great many of our commercial clients.

The company is fully equipped to cater for the needs of your business, regardless of size; we currently provide a carpet and upholstery cleaning service to a wide variety of businesses and organisations, ranging from statutory bodies such as Local Authorities, schools etc., to private-sector businesses ranging from small independent companies to large national and international organisations. We are able to offer weekend, evening and overnight appointments to our commercial clients, and we will always do all we can to accommodate the preferences of our customers.


Our Service

Our commercial-standard cleaning operation includes the pre-treatment of your carpets with a very powerful chemical and a de-greaser which suspend the particles of dirt within the solution, after which the carpets will be fully flushed through with both a deodoriser to neutralise any odours, and a sanitiser to kill off any viral and bacterial agents which will be present. In addition to the cleaning operation, we are also able to offer additional services at extra cost, including anti-stain and anti-static treatments for both carpets and upholstery; we can also re-apply flame-retardant treatments to your mattresses, curtains and furniture, thereby ensuring that your business remains fully compliant with the minimum standards as dictated by Government legislation, which will apply to commercial entities, depending on their sphere of operation.

All of our operatives receive ongoing health and safety training, and risk assessments are routinely undertaken, where applicable. The company has extensive public liability insurance, which includes cover for items being worked on; this level of cover exceeds the minimum standard of insurance, which exceeds the standard level of cover under which many companies carry out their operations.

Clean-A-Carpet Limited is pleased to offer our commercial clients a number of payment options. We accept company cheques, and as all of our vehicles are equipped with the mobile chip and PIN terminals, payment by company credit/debit cards is also available. The option of 30-day payment terms is also available to our commercial clients, thereby ensuring that organisations which operate on this basis do not have to make special arrangements to deal with payments to our company for services rendered.

We are a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and through our dedication to giving high standards when it comes to carpet cleaning, our client database continues to grow as well as continuing to be satisfied. This is evident in the customer feedback we have received from previous clients; the evidence can be viewed in our customer reviews and testimonials. Please feel free to see our reviews on Checkatrade.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your company’s requirements; all jobs are individually quoted, to ensure the best value for money for your business.

Previous Experience

Some other local companies that we have recently worked for include:

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