Curtain Cleaning Services

From the outset, we want our customers to know that due to statutory restrictions as to which chemicals are deemed safe for use in a domestic environment, our curtain cleaning service is not suitable for heavily stained or water-marked items. If your curtains have been stained by the effects of condensation, or are heavily contaminated with substances such as oil, nicotine, mildew and the like, then this service is probably not for you.

However, if your curtains are looking a little drab and dusty, if the colours are no longer as vibrant as they once were, then we can help. Our curtain-cleaning service will remove the dust from your curtains and pelmets, and will revitalise the colours, to bring your curtains back to their former glory.

In addition, your curtains will be deodorised to leave them smelling clean and fresh, and sanitised to remove any viral and bacterial agents, to leave your curtains in the best condition possible.

We are also able to apply a flame-retardant chemical to your curtains, as an extra-cost option if required. Please see our section on flame retardant treatment for full details, or call to speak to one of our team, to discuss your requirements.

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Min cleaning charge is £54