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No matter how hard you try to prevent it, your furniture will become soiled over time. Aside from spills and the like, simply sitting on the suite will leave residues of sweat and oil from hair and hands. As a result, the furniture becomes sticky; not sticky in the obvious sense as when a sugary drink is spilled, but sticky none the less, and this will attract dirt to suite. Pets can significantly accelerate this process, and before you know it, your furniture will start to look grubby.

The effect of dirt on a suite is similar to the issues affecting your carpets; as dirt is attracted to the suite, it will begin to wear away at the fabric in the areas which are taking the most punishment, such as the arms of a chair. Again, whilst it is not possible to prevent your suite from ageing, it is possible to slow the process. Our skilled operators have the equipment and chemicals to remove the dirt and oils from the fabric, leaving the suite clean, noticeably brighter and deodorised.

We have a range of different options for your furniture, including a stain-protection chemical which will offer protection from dirt and spills, and various pre-cleaning chemicals to break up substances like hair-gel and newsprint. We can also treat the fabrics with a sanitiser to kill off the viral and bacterial agents, which will like nothing more than to find a home on your furniture.

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Fabric Upholstery
Single Chair
2 Seater Sofa
3 Seater Sofa
3 Piece Suite

Min cleaning charge is £54