• How long will my carpets take to dry?

    Impossible to predict, as so many factors affect the outcome, such as length of pile, composition of carpet, ambient temperature and humidity, level of ventilation, and so on. As a general rule, we would expect the carpets to be fully dry within 24 hours; in favourable conditions, the drying times can be as little as 2-4 hours.

  • When can you clean my carpets?

    With a fleet of six vans servicing the area, we would expect to be able to get you booked in within one week.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    All of our operatives carry Chip & PIN machines, so credit and debit card payments are the most popular method; we also take cash, but do not take personal cheques.

  • Why do I need a pre-clean?

    The pre-clean is particularly useful for heavily marked carpets and upholstery, or in cases where the carpets have not been cleaned for a long time, and therefore have a lot of ingrained soiling which will need to be loosened up.

  • Why do I need to clean my carpets?

    There are many good reasons to clean your carpets, not least of which is the wear which can be created by ingrained soiling wearing away at the fibres, every time the carpet is walked on, and the expense of replacing worn out items.

  • Why should I choose Clean-a-Carpet limited to undertake my cleaning?

    We are a very well established company with a proven track-record; and have more than 2,000 reviews on Checkatrade. The company is fully insured, and uses only the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals to clean your carpets. But don’t take our word for it, why not visit our Checkatrade page and read what our customers think.