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Whilst once something of a rarity, due to technological advances which have greatly reduced production costs, leather upholstery has become ever more popular. While not to everyone’s taste, leather does have some advantages over textile fabrics, in that it does not immediately absorb fluids, thereby giving the owner an opportunity to blot away the spill. However, just like our own skin, the hide still requires regular care, both in terms of cleaning, and conditioning.

Leather furniture is often not coloured using the more traditional method of tanning; many modern leather suites are actually coated with a special flexible paint or dye. The key to maintaining this covering is to ensure that the suite is well-nourished to prevent the hide from drying out; if the hide becomes too dry, it will lose its suppleness, and wear will increase.

There are many factors which can affect the leather; seasonal temperature changes, central heating and general use over a long period can leave the leather in quite a sorry state. It is therefore important to replace the natural oils in the leather, in order to prolong the life of the suite, and prevent permanent damage to the hide.

Clean-A-Carpet has many years’ experience cleaning leather upholstery; our methods have evolved to keep pace with new materials and technologies as they are introduced. Our fully trained operatives can clean your leather suite to the highest possible standard, using the latest chemicals on the market; if your suite is looking a little dry and uncared for, we can also introduce an intensive conditioning treatment, to revitalise the leather.

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Min cleaning charge is £54