Flagstone is a flat stone that is typically used for paving slabs, walkways, patios, fences and roofing. Common colours of Flagstone fall within the warm sand/desert pallet.

Flagstone floor cleaning service

As part of our Flagstone floor cleaning service and stone flooring renovation projects, Clean-a-Carpet have cleaned, sealed and polished many flagstone floors. We’ve restored thousands of floors across the UK. We are a specialist floor cleaning company and provide a complete service, including tiles, grout and stone, indoors and out. We’ve restored stone floors that have been hidden for years, and the dust, dirt and stains of ordinary life are our bread and butter.

What is flagstone?

Flagstone is a general term for stone floors laid in ‘flags’. These are thick slabs of stone usually cut into squares or rectangles. Flagstone floors have been used in Britain since at least the 13th century. You’ll often see the thick stone floors in old churches and castles where they’ve withstood the tread of thousands of feet. In the home, flagstone was often used in farmhouses and cottages. In many cases, later tenants simply carpeted over the flags.

Today, flagstone is a popular choice for outdoor flooring, patios and paths. As the flags are thicker than tile, they are less prone to weathering damage and need less work to prepare the ground before they’re laid. Flagstone floors are often made of sandstone, but can be other natural stones such as limestone.

Cleaning, sealing and polishing flagstone

Depending on the age of the building, flagstone flooring may be any one of several types of stone and may have different types of grout that need to be treated correctly. As part of our free, no-obligation quote we offer a flagstone flooring survey. This lets us assess the floor in person, which means we can offer an accurate quote and timeline and also spot potential issues before they arise.

Flagstone floors are often made of porous rock, which means that dirt and dust can become ingrained. For this reason, it’s best to seal flagstone before polishing it. Sealing a stone floor is a specialist job and should be done properly. A sealed floor will be easier to clean and less likely to stain. At Clean-a-Carpet, our team use carefully chosen sealants so you get the best results with the minimum odours and disruption.

The Clean-a-Carpet guarantee

We are proud of the work we do and work hard to deliver great results every single time. If you’re not satisfied with the results once we’ve completed your project, we’ll rush back to fix any problems. If you’re still not happy, we’ll give you your money back.

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