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Quarry tile is extensively used for floors where a hard-wearing material is required. Traditional quarry tiles hold a rustic, earthy colour.

Quarry Tile floor cleaning service

Quarry Tile floor cleaning service with Clean-a-Carpet. Traditionally made of unglazed clay, quarry tile is typically very robust. As a result, basic versions are often used for high-traffic areas, such as shops and offices, while decorative quarry tiles are used to create beautiful floors, splashbacks and countertops in homes and businesses. Quarry tile is baked from formed clay so it can be smooth or rough. If the tiles are intended for outdoor use or in damp or slippery conditions, a textured surface may be created by baking in fine grains of rock.

As unglazed clay is porous and quarry tile is typically used in busy areas, floors with these tiles can start to show wear long before they’re worn out. The wear pattern is often uneven, with grout and tile in the busiest areas darkening most. Fortunately, the damage is rarely permanent. The most common explanation for the change is ingrained dirt which can be removed by professional cleaning.

Rescuing a quarry tile floor

Since opening our doors over 30 years ago, Clean-a-Carpet has restored thousands of floors and we’ve discovered some rare gems in that time. Quarry tile was commonly used as a floor in family homes before the Second World War. Many people have pulled up the carpets to find a dark, dirty tile that has been hidden for decades. By calling in a professional restoration crew, they’ve been rewarded with a beautiful period feature that adds value to the home – and often costs less than a new carpet. Quarry tile is incredibly durable, and we’ve rescued floors that have been hidden for decades.

Does it matter if I have a quarry tile, stone or porcelain floor?

If you’ve bought your property with the floor in place, you may not know whether you have quarry tiles, stone, porcelain or another type of tile. When cleaning and restoring a quarry tile floor, we use products and techniques that may not be suitable for other kinds of tile. If you’re in any doubt as to the type of flooring you have, please book a free floor survey when you contact us for your free, no-obligation quote. We’ll be able to visit your property and assess the floor and grouting in person.

The Clean-a-Carpet guarantee

We are proud of the work we do and work hard to deliver great results every single time. If you’re not satisfied with the results once we’ve completed your project, we’ll rush back to fix any problems. If you’re still not happy, we’ll give you your money back.

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