Slate sheet close up showing stone structure.

Very popular this durable stone is used in most rooms in the home. The colour of this stone usually appears anywhere on the grey spectrum.

Slate floor cleaning service

Slate floor cleaning service with Clean-a-Carpet. In some old houses, slate floors have lasted through hundreds of years of daily use. Unlike carpet or linoleum, the stone doesn’t wear out but it can get scratched, marked or stained. Ingrained dirt, water marks and damage from furniture can be a particular issue with slate patios and paths outdoors.

Fortunately, restoring slate to its newly-laid beauty is simple – if you’ve got the tools and experience to do it. At Clean-a-Carpet, we’ve been cleaning and restoring slate floors for over 30 years. We have developed our own tools and cleaning processes to give our customers the very best service.

Get rid of scratches, scuffs and stains on slate

If DIY tips haven’t done the trick, it’s time to call the experts. There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to recreate that brand-new look on your own. Scratches and scruffs generally need professional care to remove them from slate. At Clean-a-Carpet we use professional equipment and specially formulated cleaning products to remove marks from slate.

Another major reason why DIY slate polishing may not be effective is that the sealant may have worn away. In older properties, the stone may not have been sealed at all. Sealing slate floors prevents dirt from getting ingrained, making them easier to clean and making each clean last longer.

What colour is your slate floor?

Slate floors have been popular across the UK for hundreds of years. There are large natural slate deposits in Wales, Cornwall and the Lake District which shipped their tiles around the country. Grey slate roofs are typical in these areas, but slate grey isn’t the only option. Slate naturally occurs in a range of colours from pale grey to dark, and with a blue hue, green or even purple.

At Clean-a-Carpet, we’ve rescued slate floors that have been hidden under carpet or lino for years. In some cases, where the owners had bought the property with the slate floor in place, they were surprised to discover that not only did they have a beautiful, natural stone floor but that the slate wasn’t the dull grey the dirt led them to expect. If you have a slate floor that’s looking dingy, contact us for a free, no-obligation floor cleaning survey and quote. We can give your floor a new lease of life.

The Clean-a-Carpet guarantee

We are proud of the work we do and work hard to deliver great results every single time. If you’re not satisfied with the results once we’ve completed your project, we’ll rush back to fix any problems. If you’re still not happy, we’ll give you your money back.

Excellence tried, tested and reviewed

Clean-a-Carpet provides specialist floor care and upholstery cleaning. We have over 2,500 positive reviews on Check-a-Trade with 98% of our clients being very satisfied with our work. We’re happy to answer any questions so just get in touch for your free, no-obligation quote.

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