Tackling Carpet Moths

Tackling Carpet Moths & Pests

No-one likes the thought of having any kind of pests like carpet moths in their home. This is particularly true if the pests could actually cause damage to the property and your things inside it.

What are carpet moths?

Carpet moths are a variety of moth that can live in your home. They will attack and damage their carpets, upholstery and clothing. Laying their eggs which will then hatch into larvae, which is responsible for the damage caused to your carpet.

How can you tell if you have carpet moths?

Carpet moths prefer to live in the soft pile of your carpets, rather than the hard webbing that will hold the carpet together. This will leave a few threadbare patches throughout the carpet. They love eating wool carpets and rugs, which is bad news if you have these installed in your home.

You are more likely to find them in darker areas of your home. This is because they need quiet and undisturbed areas in order to lay their eggs and allow their larvae to feed. This means that they are most likely to be found under furniture and along your skirting boards, as well as rooms that you don’t use as much as others.

One of the biggest problems with carpet moths is that the larvae will take on the colour of the carpet that they eat, making them hard to spot.

How can you treat carpet moths?

The life cycle of a carpet moth is around 3 weeks, This means that you should try and disrupt them during the larvae stage. The easiest way to do this is with a good powerful vacuum. However, it is important that you then remove any hoover bags or debris from your hoover as quickly as possible. This will stop the eggs from hatching within the vacuum, feeding on the dust and then flying out.

Try and target those areas that you feel are most likely to have carpet moth larvae and eggs. This includes under beds and behind radiators.

Essentially, the best way to ensure that you eliminate your carpet moth problems is to contact an expert pest control company who can come out and advise you on the right method to take.

This is true if you have an infestation, however, there are things that you can do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in your home.

Here at Clean-a-Carpet we understand how important it is to make sure that you regularly clean and treat your carpets. In doing this, you may find that your risk of carpet moths is lower.

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